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21 days, 1 hr, 20 mins, some odd seconds

had bronchitis for 2 days. i've come into the office both mornings only to leave in the afternoon after hacking all over wills, kt and "the liz" (pronounced w/ a long "eye" sound of course). if only it was april 4!! imagine -- what better time to take ill than opening day? and w/ dennis bearing some of the financial burden of the directv mlb extra innings package, i'd be parked in front of the tube w/ remy on the webradio as the sox storm camden yahds. alas, it shant be this day. this day, i shall cough until i throw up, spew bacteria all over wife/daughter/cat, and maybe read a book. maybe i'll watch bridget jones' diary. now that'll make me throw up for sure.

please stay tuned. substantive posts to follow. i promise.

albeit sickly.


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