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man, time flies @ night. i get home, play w/ ellie grace, have dinner w/ renee', maybe watch tv for a few minutes, play on the computer a little, and . . . bam! . . . it's 11:11p. had lunch w/ the judge and my friend dave today, and he said he's typically a morning person. gets up @ 3:45a some days to go hunt turkeys! even when he's not hunting, he's up @ 6a to read for an hour before work. get that? before work. it's all i can do to get to work by 9 in the morning!

but i remember talking @ a bible study years ago about how we, as christ's body, are to "redeem" our time. i wish i had set up a time-log this lent to see just how much of my time is spent on inane goofiness (blogging?) and how much i do work that has even the slightest bit of eternal significance. i do think that some of the nights on the porch have had had a "kingdom" element to them -- conversations about god, faith(lessness), any number of theological innovations tossed about (some good, some bordering on heretical). the time i spend @ st. peter's is wonderful, both for me and the fam, as well as for the kingdom of god, i think. ollie and i just finished a generally well-received 5-week "walk through lent," and i hope to continue to teach there in some capacity. i know that when i do my work to the glory of god that it has some sort of eternal significance -- but, then again, i slack far, far too much. and i try to read theology as often as i can, which may help me be a better minister in 2014 or some time in the future.

but maybe i'm being a little hard on myself. probably not, but maybe. i read a sermon by john wesley on eph. 5.15-16 called "redeeming the time," wherein he urges xtians to even experiment to see just how little sleep they can get along w/ so that every possible bit of the day is squeezed for all it's worth in furtherance of the kingdom. just wish my 11p determination was matched by my 6a determination. but i still pray for this. i still periodically resolve to awake early enough for morning prayer before work, or to make a priority of saying compline w/ renee' before bed. and i know that, although i have not yet claimed that particular prize, i will press on, w/ morning breath and sleep encrusted eyes. and i'll ask myself: can i not tarry one hour?


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