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for the more technology proficient 'bloggers among us, today's globe has an article about "moblogging" from cellphones, blackberries, what have you. for those of us (er . . . me) who (a) don't understand such gobbledygook, (b) can't afford proper moblogging paraphenalia, or (c) both, the author just threw in a couple of lines i found funny: Blog. It sounds like a monster from an Eisenhower-era horror movie. But for many cyberspace denizens, blogging has become a means of unfettered self-expression. Blogs give the "great unwashed" a place to hang their laundry--dirty and otherwise . . . . if he'd just said "unwashed," i'd be pissed, but great unwashed . . . .

(thanks to my friend marilyn for dutifully reading her globe this morning and emailing me about the article)


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