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a saintly lawyer

amy welborn points out that today's saint is thomas more (1478-1535). himself a lawyer and lord chancellor of england, he's a patron saint of lawyers (and of civil servants, so i guess he might get me on 2 fronts there). @ the risk of having my more adamantly protestant friends and readers castigate me for praying to some guy instead of, as i have assured them i do, asking some guy to pray for me but to god, here's the prayer (ahem) to st thomas more:
dear scholar and martyr, it was not the king of england but you who were the true defender of the faith. like christ unjustly condemned, neither promises nor threats could make you accept a civil ruler as head of the christian church. perfect in your honesty and love of truth, grant that lawyers and judges may imitate you and achieve true justice for all people. amen.


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