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caleb climbs a mountain

this morning's post from caleb @ phoenix rises is an insightful reflection on climbing a mountain in alaska. it's an encouraging read (as is merton's prayer of trust and confidence, which is the post following). i commented that caleb's mountain experience reminds me of this story:
a father and his son were travelling together in a wagon, when they came to the edge of a forest. the father pointed out some bushes, thick with berries. excitedly the son asked, “may we stop so that i can pick some?” the father took pleasure in his child’s enthusiasm and gladly brought the wagon to a halt. the son was soon enthralled with his newfound wealth.

after a while, the father wanted to continue on his way. but his son had become so engrossed in berry picking that he could not bring himself to leave the forest. “son,” called the father, “we cannot stay here all day! we must continue our journey. come, back up beside me!”

but his pleas were not enough to lure the boy away. surely he loved his son no less for his zeal, and he could not think of leaving him behind--but they really did have to move on, for there was so much more to their journey.

the father called out to his son, “you may pick your berries for a while longer, but be sure that i don’t get too far ahead, for I shall start moving slowly along the road. as you work, call out, ‘father! father!’ every few minutes, and i shall answer you. as long as you can hear my voice, know that we are still close. but as soon as you can no longer hear my voice, know that you are lost; run with all your strength to find me.”
(from a sermon @ catch the fire (quoting arthur green & barry holtz, your word is fire, p. 109)).


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