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cowboy comeback

since we live 5 minutes from d.c., i am in a sports no-man's-land. last summer alternated b/tw the "nats" (stupid name; i watched them only when they played atlanta) and the orioles (very good name, but i watched them only when they played the red sox). hockey? forget about it -- caps all the time (i'll watch when they travel to the b's). saturdays? virginia tech (good, but choke in big games, and their new unis suck), uva (boring), maryland (maryland??!?) and navy (it does beat watching rutgers every weekend when we lived in boston). now, every sunday finds me flipping aimlessly through channels featuring the teams that i hate (eagles), i hate more ('skins), or i merely disdain b/c they wear ugly purple and black jerseys and have a strange fixation on lord baltimore's little coat of arms or crest or whatever that thing is (ravens). the only thing worse than the tv coverage is sports radio, which runs the gamut from john thompson and "smokin' al" coken to "riggo." (kornheiser is pretty good.)

oh, how i long for weei!

all that to say this one thing -- it's worth living here and going through sports limbo for a year just to hear the sports talk shows today after the final 3:04 of last night's philadelphia surprise. tee hee!


  • At 5:28 PM, Blogger Caleb said…

    Dude...try living in central PA...it's all Penn State all the time with a little bit of Steelers and Eagles thrown in...this IS worse than watching Rutgers lose every weekend...


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