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dc4free: test run

seeing as how we are moving into d.c. @ the end of this month, and we are far from wealthy, renee' and i have set a goal to do one free activity per week for each of the 50 or so weeks we expect to live in the city. if there has ever been a city w/ 50 things to do for free, it's this one. last weekend we had a trial run, going w/ some friends to the national zoo. panda man, pictured here, is not me; just some guy in a suit whose right hand i happened to be suspicious of when i snapped the pic (renee' looks just a bit too happy, if you ask me).

i'll confess we cheated a bit for our first run -- we drove to the zoo, which meant we spent about $9 for parking, plus the gazillion or so bucks it cost for the petrol to get the 10 miles there and back. i also bought a bottle of water for $2.50, but no food, no cutesy tshirts, and the little panda paddy is muzzle-to-muzzle w/ was a gift from ellie's godfather.

i'll be posting an account of our gallivanting on [rd] as we go, but i'd appreciate any ideas about free stuff in d.c. just shoot me an email w/ "dc4free" in the subject line.


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