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dc4free#12: "the boy who ate catholic u"

i've been remiss in not posting our free-scapades in a timely fashion, so i'll do a few in quick succession to bring you up to date:

for no. 12, paddy (doesn't he look gigantic in the pic?) & i went up to catholic u to visit our friend mary, who is a graduate student there. patrick got to flirt w/ "catholic school-girls" (they were college aged, but he got the practice anyway), and i got to see the highest concentration of priests i can imagine. just about everybody but me, paddy and mary had on collars.

during our short visit we saw the crypt church, the national shrine of the immaculate conception, and a big ol' scary, very manly jesus growling down on us from the ceiling. it's a cool place to visit, although i prefer cathedrals (cathedra?) that look older and more, i don't know, rough hewn than the cu shrine. good bookstore, though; much better than vts'.

deus lux mea est.


  • At 9:29 AM, Blogger Nate said…

    That is a scary-ass picture of Jesus, no doubt.

  • At 4:45 PM, Anonymous hb said…

    That Jesus will definitely f*** you up.


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