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crawdads & grandad (and grandma)

the in-laws showed up tonight bearing a whole mess o' crawfish! it was a little disheartening to me to be sick and not want any beer, but it definitely opened up the old sinuses. little ellie grace got to show off her new walking skills (such as they are), and we had the inevitable political convo around the dinner table. there's something about a group of liberals sitting around a table covered w/ a garbage bag w/ big pots of crawfish on it, wondering whether john kerry's little "open mic" incident was calculated, a la "the west wing." all of life relates to "the west wing" in some way. or "raising arizona." or maybe "bottle rocket."

speaking of the latter, renee' and i re-watched "rushmore" yesterday during my afternoon convalescence. what a fantastic film. wes anderson and owen wilson are geniuses, pure and simple. now if only owen wilson would stop acting in films and just stick to writing them. he can act in his own films, but someone needs to warn him away from eddie murphy, jackie chan and ben stiller. if you ask me, "the minus man" was about his best acting job outside of "bottle rocket."

anyway, i'm goofy on codeine tabs and nyquil, so i could be wrong. i usually am. g'night.


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