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it's coming!!!

first the good news: it's early spring, and my heartbeat begins to quicken . . . dennis calls to report the yanks lost to the d-rays last night, and i'm strangely warmed . . . i sit @ my desk dreaming of fenway franks and light jackets and no-maaaahhh . . . something "wicked" (in the good, new england-y sense) this way comes!

now the bad (actually, the cynical) news: what ever happened to "opening day"?? the first pitch from the mound in cincy, all the excitement for the espn triple-header, etc? now we've got "opening week." now we've got america's most recognizable pin-stripes playing in freakin' tokyo before we even get to hear "the star spangled banner" for real over here, and the game counts. it's not just an exhibition or spring training game. alas, i know it's all about the benjys, but i despise the mlb's continued whoring of my game, my game, just to create a global market for sammy sosa bobble-heads and barry bonds brand official steroids. and don't get me started on chemical enhancement, cooked balls and tiny parks. jeesh.

whew. that was a rant. sorry. i'll feel better on sunday @ 8:05, 7:05 central.


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