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the morning "papers"

what caught my eye this a.m.

--- amy welborn agrees w/ me & renee' (notice how i make myself sound really important, like i'm doing some original thinking or something) re: the underlying suspicion of epistemology and truth in the west, especially among postmoderns;

--- an enthralling article tracy robts linked me to in response to my diatribe about SUV's and smart cars (seth, i first fell in love w/ smart cars when you sent me a picture of one from amsterdam): malcolm gladwell's new yorker article on "how the s.u.v. ran over automotive safety." all i can say is: i'm now in the market for a used minivan;

--- planning for the double-decker arts festival has begun in earnest around the wood household. check out the schedule of events if you'll be in the area (and come visit our porch sometime too);

--- and i'll just throw this in: zoe williams' obviously nicotine-deprived summary of how cigarettes went from the ultimate in coolness to being "on a par with wearing no knickers and only one step away from murdering people with pins." her new statesman article is "fag end of fashion."


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