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good theology doesn't just happen

i used to have a little slip of paper bearing the above-stated sentiment pasted on my study carrel in seminary (i even found a picture of my beloved carrel in the "goddard library" section of the gcts-hamilton tour the other day; tears were shed). that slip of paper was roughly the equivalent of the little slip of paper on my law-library carrel that had read: "leave it all on the field," or something to that effect. in point of fact, it's far too often effort, sweat and brain-power, this theologizin' of which i'm so enamored. well, i consider myself rightly chastised by the internet monk today.

i've tried to do @ least one substantive post per day on the blog of record for the last month or so, and it has been immensely rewarding. i enjoy the comments i get from readers, i enjoy the work that goes into each "essay," i enjoy the little aha! moments when i either finally get something or think to myself, "self . . . you should go read a book (or 3) about that so you'll @ least sound like you know what you're talking about." i enjoy the books, too, btw. but then my wife comes in to bed @ night -- she in her kerchief and i in my cap (w/ multi-colored highlighters, tabs for pages, book(s) splayed across lap w/ red sox on the tv quietly in the background as they lurch toward inevitable extra-innings defeat) -- and she notes, sagaciously: "you gonna read the bible or what?"

curses, chastised again.

so, thank you, internet monk (and amy welborn's link @ open book), for inadvertently echoing my lovely and wise wife and reminding me that being theologically sound or sounding theological ain't always the most important thing. i need to pray, read devotionally (no highlighters allowed), take ellie grace for walks and have "sammy 'n renee'" weekends. one such weekend begins later today, so i'll be away from the blog until monday or so.

i still intend to post something substantive every day, just as i intend to read caleb, seth, matt, amy, et al. regularly and w/ gusto. and, indeed, i do still believe that "good theology doesn't just happen" (a phrase, btw, which i stole from matt bridges a while back). we have to work @ it. it's just that i also happen to believe that loving my wife doesn't just happen, nor does the pile o' work i've got on my desk even as i type away. i am christian, husband, father, son, friend, confidante, counselor, counselee, law clerk, postulant, parishioner, et cetera, and i shortchange any of these roles in favor of another @ my peril.

now -- i gotta get to work. everybody have a great weekend, and i'll 'blog @ you monday!


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