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"undefeated" jesus

oh man, you've got to read this article, if only because it links to "undefeated," quite possibly the oddest jesus "portrait" i've ever seen. i should point out, however, that i take issue (muy, muy issue) w/ suellentrop's conclusion: "The Historical Jesus wasn't the Jesus who inspired Paul, the salesman of the new religion of Christianity, who never met Jesus of Nazareth. On the road to Damascus, Paul encountered the risen Jesus, the so-called Living Jesus, the Christ of faith." as i mentioned a couple of posts back, the "christ of faith" is eerily becoming the most popular new jesus on the block (although he first rode in w/ niebuhr, et al. and the "new quest" for the historical jesus in the 50s-70s), and i'd like to wax a little more eloquently about him (if only i didn't have this damned day job!). more later -- sam


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