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this a.m.

i've hit my first patch of blog sluggishness, i believe. it's all i can do to get through the day and do my work, much less live up to my pledge for one substantive post/day. so i'm depending on you guys to give me a jump.

  • thanks to seth for turning me on to this kottke guy and his reality tv idea.

  • yesterday's word of the day: lucubrate.

  • thanks to caleb for telling me not to forget to hype the late but much beloved uncle tupelo @ precisely the moment i was listening to no depression on my desktop.

  • thanks to oxford's "as seen on tv" video rentals for locating the second volume of sports night. i needed a sorkin fix.

  • and thanks to renee' and ellie grace on general principles. elmo turns one tomorrow (if you're in the area, margaritas will be served around 6), and renee' gets wiser and more beautiful every day. coming home to them in the evening makes leaving home in the morning worthwhile. to quote costner: "it's good to be married."

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