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closed captioning

on the way back from a visit to ackerman for mothers' day, i caught the last half hour or so of thacker mountain on mpb and heard trent dabbs play. caught my attention b/c he's an old band-mate of a friend from seminary (joey, dude, if you're reading this, i need your new email, address, etc., you college ministering fiend), who had tipped me to old kelly wingate and always sunday cds. trent recorded his new album, closed captioning, @ sweet tea studios here in oxford w/ dennis herring and clay jones (whom i recognize as a guitar god). what i've heard of it sounds great. i plan to go see trent play @ proud larry's on 5/17, so if you're in the area . . . could you babysit ellie grace?

p.s. the author on tmr happened to be john sullivan. judging from his reading, i'm thinking you should check out blood horses.


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