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a ghost is born

i commend to you wilco's forthcoming album, a ghost is born, which tracy roberts informed me was available for preview and pre-order @ wilco's site. i'm constantly amazed @ the ability of tweedy and stirratt, et al. to always sound like the band i love and reinvent themselves @ the same time. agib is a break from yankee hotel foxtrot (which was itself a break from anything i had ever heard), but i love it nonetheless. in classic wilco fashion, it gets better the more you listen to it, too. interestingly, the title seems to find its genesis in the gospel of john, parts of which "theologians" quotes (jn 10.18, 13.36). i, for one, am a "ghost follower" that's gonna buy this album (once i get some money from selling blood or doing yardwork, i suppose). until then, i'll just click and re-click and re-click and . . . .


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