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josiah's hame-comin

introductions all around -- josiah, everyone; everyone, my great good friend josiah. josiah, whom we all call "dennis" when he's around (and various other epithets in his absence), is a new homeowner, and @ long last he's sticking his toe back in the blogosphere. check him out. it should be interesting reading his account of how a lawyer, completely unskilled in construction, goes about renovating a house that's 100+ years old. and the house is in toccopola (i love saying that word), which is located @ 34°15'21" North, 89°14'4" West if you want to show up some weekend and watch hilarity ensue. oh, one more thing -- dennis is quite the scot, thus the hame-comin in the title. found that tidbit @ the online scots dictionary, just to make him feel welcome. sometimes he calls me unco love-bairn, but i haven't figured out what that means yet. i'm sure it's a term of endearment. welcome home, dennis. we missed ye.


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