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random p2p photos

kottke posted a link to a gallery of random photos shared on peer to peer filesharing programs. i got a little hooked and looked @ every archive (reminds me of the night i turned on mtv and saw a rerun of "the osbournes," which i'd never seen until that night -- then @ 4:30 a.m. the next morning . . .). some of the shots are hilarious, some cute, some a bit crude or gross (one in particular; you'll know it if you see it), some even sort of chilling, some disgusting (several people in yankees hats), some absolutely heartbreaking, some mundane, some good enough to constitute "art," some just plain weird enough to make you wonder who in the world took that picture (and then chose to share it p2p, no less). i don't know. it was sort of weird looking @ all these pix. seeing all of them together was really quite powerful. i want to know every story behind every photo, and it made me a little sad the world is so big and i'll never meet all the people (and animals) in them. or maybe i'm just tired. anyway, if you've got a free minute -- or maybe until 4:30 a.m. tomorrow . . . .


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