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boston massacre 2

didn't think it could happen. no way i ever believed a regular season game could even come close to making me feel the way i did after game 7 of last year's alcs. i was wrong. tonight's game . . . it was . . . i . . . i just can't get over it. how was this any better than the boston massacre? i understand b. f. dent's shot had playoff implications in '78, but give me a break! of course, i was only 11 during that weekend's fateful events, but it still sucked. this game tonight, though. man. this was one of the greatest baseball games of all time, and we came out on the losing side again! worst regular season game i've ever been a part of (if listening to the game on the web @ work and alternating phone calls w/ renee' and dennis makes one a "part" of anything). makes me wish i didn't have too much intestinal fortitude to fill out one of these forms. oh, i suppose i'm just blowing off steam, as a friend wrote me tonight in an email, and i'll still wear the "b" hat in atlanta this weekend (no blogs 'til sunday, sorry). but i'm definitely not urging this lifestyle on my impressionable young daughter (remember former globe editor marty nolan's line: "the red sox killed my father, and now they're comin' after me"). if renee'll let me, i'm trashing all the little red sox booties and baby caps and bibs and getting her some other team's paraphenalia.

you know, i do like the cubbies. think i'll turn her on to them. how'd that be?


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