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religion in the workplace

ever wonder what it felt like to be paul? or one of those followers of "the way" whom peter called "aliens and strangers"? i wonder about that a lot, and i usually come away a little ashamed b/c i'm not hated or otherwise put out b/c of my faith. anyhoo, that's the sort of question i awoke to when my clock radio started playing npr's barbara bradley's report on the issue in today's final segment in a series on religion in the workplace, "when faith clashes w/ corporate policy." (the revealer linked the npr story, too.) so, is my xtianity threatened by a "diversity policy" requiring me to merely "respect" co-workers who are of a different religion? a different sexual orientation? or maybe it's the opposite -- is the gospel actually the mother of all diversity codes? what if my faith pits me against other xtians, be they conservative or liberal? these questions will be what divides my focus @ work today, the 30th of june, 2004 (hum today show theme music to self).


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