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part band, part religion

that's what david segal of the washington post had to say of wilco in his review of their new offering. if wilco's ghost is an altar call, i'm coming to jesus, baby! (oh, and you can still preview the entire album on wilcoworld.net).

that being said, it is fun to play the amazon.com knee-jerk contrarian game w/ this cd. today i gleaned the following insights:
  • a ghost is born is the slow, oxycontin-stained sound of a band running into a wall

  • suggest earlier releases being there or summer teeth for those walmart and mickyd listeners who prefer consciousness. if you are a psycho mellon intellectual who prefers a little music thrown in with your "where did all the time go" droning and thumping noises, you'll probably enjoy this

  • if you thought yankee hotel foxtrot was a mass of ridiculous, unlistenable, pretentious screeching and wanking, then check this baby out

  • jeff tweedy sounds tired and sick


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