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[rd]'s voice of the week: mindy smith

heard six feet under featured a clip of mindy smith's interp of dolly parton's "jolene" a couple sundays ago. i've long since given up on six feet under as offering anything remotely redeeming (@ the end of season one, r' and i would pretty much just stare, gape-mouthed, @ the tv each week like it was a car wreck), but my friend rollyn told me a year or so ago to watch out for smith. well, i don't watch a lot of country videos, but i did happen across "come to jesus" somewhere a few weeks ago, and it put one moment more on my wishlist pdq. real player's "real music guide" has an ep called down alley that has acoustic versions of 5 songs, including "jolene" and "come to jesus." if you can stream, check out video for either song (the latter's the best) @ mindy's artist page @ launch (i used to be able to link to these videos, but i've lost my mojo).


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