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this year's feast of the assumption of the blessed virgin mary will be the first one that i can ever remember being aware of, sadly enough. coming from the evangelical church into the ecusa (and sniffing around rome) has been such a cool experience b/c the ancient church is so textured and, i don't know, all spooky. it really does inspire awe in me sometimes. i had to read butler's to figure out just what's going on, but the catholic encyclopedia has a little primer, if you're interested. for those who are more hagio-phobic (and, i confess, the church's teaching about mary would be one of the few remaining stumbling blocks for me to get around if i really felt god leading me to become r.c., and i'm pretty comfortable just saying "the church says it . . . that's good enough for me"), christianity today even has a pretty good article about the dogma of the assumption of mary (hattip: charles @ hope & glory).

question: anybody know why the anglican and roman catholic breviaries are different? i know, i know . . . fgi (don't click on that, mom) . . . but i'm watching the olympics, so get off me.


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