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strenghts & weaknesss in the emerging church (i promise)

i liked justin’s post @ radical congruency. i’ve been wrestling w/ the emerging church ecclesiology (or what i perceive as the lack thereof) for a pretty good while, just across the other side from justin and aaron. i’m 36, w/ a little family (in number, not lilliputians), and i’m a convert to the episcopalian church from a s’ern baptist/presbyterian background. i’m also about to become a priest, @ precisely the point when it seems like all the people i’d really like to “do” church w/ are about to split! anyway, i liked to see the guys throwing out pros and cons, then asking for feedback. i’ll be checking in when i can to learn, not to churn up controversy. i think the episcopalians have got just about enough of that right now w/o asking for it from the emerging church.

godspeed, brothers.


  • At 3:17 AM, Blogger Justin said…

    Thanks for the link. Always fun to find new people that way.


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