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jared: "potential next great american novel"

so do i. in my ears tonight, even as i type away, shindell is telling me to "take your suitcase, take your heart; take the trian to the boulevard . . . ." well, thinkling jared believes he's found the next great ameican novel, and i beseech you: heed him, take said suitcase, heart, train, whatever -- just race to the library and try to get a copy of the amazing adventures of kavalier & clay. when i have precious little original thoughts to blog (like tonight, when my the originality of my thoughts is directly proportional to the discomfort it would elicit to get them out), i try to find someone blowing sunshine @ a book i loved, then just hitch myself to it like lance armstrong drafting in the alps (i really tried to make up a graphic metaphor there, but i'm off my game -- that's a whole other deal dere, though; not for now -- remember i said about the discomfort and the thoughts and the thing?).

but lemme say this -- if you're despirited by your summer reads thus far and you fear the risk of putting so much pressure on those precious last pre-semester/pre-work reads only to have solid books fall short of overblown anticipations, trust chabon. they don't just give away pulitzers, now, do they? hasten, yea hasten to get a copy. i think you'll be glad you did (after you find you're reading it for the 3rd and 4th time in a weekend or somesuch crazy tomfoolery).


  • At 9:53 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Thanks for the link!

    I'm kicking myself for taking too long to read this book, because I read and loved Chabon's Wonder Boys three years ago.
    He's not my favorite contemporary novelist (that'd be Paul Auster), but he's gaining ground already and K&C have me wanting to seek out Chabon's other books.


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