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random stuff i surfed today

  • drinking makes you smarter! it seems that a group of scientists has discovered that alcohol consumption (and a fairly good amount of it, too -- something like half a bottle of wine or two pints o' lager per day) actually improves brain functioning. well, whaddya know? this is a truth episcopalians and catholics have known for a long, long time. (many, many thanks to: jim @ dappled things)
  • why, oh why didn't anyone tell me about this?!? i'm not kidding -- this guy is one of my heroes!
  • slate reports on california's suv ban (i love the idea, but you just know it ain't gonna happen in real life)
  • will ferrel returns as george w. bush. republican, democrat, green party, independent, whig, whatever you are -- you've got to think this is funny (thanks to my friend and fellow law clerk lee waddle and taegan goddard's political wire for the link)


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