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goin' off on the emerging church

also while i was away, it seems karen haluza of raw faith published an unabashed self-styled rant about the emerging church. i've only skimmed it, and i haven't read any of the responses that other bloggers are firing off (my rss reader's a bit full what w/ my having been gone for about 5 days), but some of what she says is what i've been thinking. i don't agree w/ it all, and i certainly don't agree w/ the ad hominem tone, but she has some valid things to say. it's the first time i've visited her 'blog, and it seems that she denominates almost every post as a "rant" of some kind. this one's worth reading, though, whether you agree w/ karen or not.

(muchas gracias to another karen @ submergence for the link; you should check out her site, as well as the church of the apostles)


  • At 12:18 PM, Blogger seth said…

    Yo Sam
    I found Karen's rant to be just that. Building a straw man out of the idea of the emergent church and beating the shit out of it is weak. Many of the responders to her post have good comments and are worth perusing, for example this guy. Of course some of what she says is what you think; there is some truth in it, just as there is some truth in what people have said about the anglican church/tradition. Why do we (people of faith)always have to worry about what the other guy is doing wrong?


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