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hail to the kings

ok, so when tracy told me about kings of leon back in april, i listen to some clips, liked them and added a link to my sidebar, mainly b/c i always liked tracy in particular and the word "leon" in general. then, just recently, i found a copy of youth and young manhood @ the library. after a buncha, buncha listens, i am now ready to report that these guys are awesome! click on over to their website and listen to an audio clip or watch a video clip; check out the picture of the band w/, apparently, mr. t (i'm starting to look like the followills a little myself, thank you very much); read the bio's description of their journey from pentecostal pk's (reminds me of folks like paul thorn and the oft-touted jim white) to rock stars that look like boston (you know, i still like them) or black oak arkansas back in the day; whatever you do, just check 'em out. and if you see tracy, tell him "thanks" for me.


  • At 11:04 AM, Blogger Cheesehead said…

    Those guys rawk! I keep telling people around here how cool they are, but they look at their pics and go... "eeewwwww"...


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