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a history of mine injuries

to recount the ways in which i have (a) hurt myself or (b) been hurt by others would take way more time than i've got today for bloggin'. suffice it to say, i have been injured doing my own laundry, playing hackysack, candlepin bowling, lying on the couch. now, however, i believe i may have outdone myself over the weekend. on sunday night last, i went to the e.r. b/c i was suffering from an extended bout of vertigo. never had it before; can't say that i want it again (i'm much improved today, although i'm headed for an ear-nose-throat doc this p.m.). what's interesting about the whole thing, though, is that i can't figure out how in the world i contracted the condition, which the doc (oddly dressed in a scrub top, black army fatigues and what appeared to be knock-off doc martens) diagnosed as "labyrinthitis" and i prefer to call "benign paroxysmal positional vertigo" b/c it gets me more sympathy. the only thing i can attribute it to is (wait for it . . .) repeated "flips" of my head to get my now almost hippie-length hair out of my eyes.

made vertiginous by my own hair. can't you just imagine what would happen if i was a rock climber??


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