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some ballgame

you know, i would just be remiss if i didn't say something about tonight's game. this does purport to be a 'blog that dabbles in baseball now and again, which means that i'm compelled sometimes to wrote about . . . well . . . .

i know, i know -- there's the risk that i will be the "butterfly," as lee and dennis call me when i start to get excited (like i haven't been bouncing out of my tennys -- did you call them "tennys" growing up? -- for a month now), and stir the air that buids to the breeze that blows up into the storm that chews up the atlantic that's just down the street from the house that ruth built. pshaw, i say. (butterfly, butterfly) but i will say this: that was one whale of a game. the red team pulled another one out of the fire from the black and white team and that guy that throws the white thing w/ red stitches so well. vague enough? let's hope.


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