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all apologies

in case you've been stumbling by here every day or so for the past couple weeks, i owe you an apology for wasting however many joules of energy (or whatever the heck bundles of energy are called) you've expended mouse click after mouse click. truthfully, i just haven't felt like writing. but sammy (you're thinking), just b/c we don't feel like doing something doesn't mean we don't do it anyway. perhaps. i'll give you that much, but my writing has, of necessity, been circumscribed of late because: (a) writing isn't my job, however much i wish that it were; (b) i have to make time for god, and blogging was taking up way more time than you'd think, especially given the quality of the writing hereabouts; and (c) the red sox are making a playoff run.

the first 2 statements are still true.

so i've been going back and forth b/tw "[rough draft] is dead" and "man, i sure did enjoy writing that way." for now, i think the reports of the demise of [rd] have been greatly exaggerated in my own head, but i also think i'll probably write less for a while, or @ least i won't make, like, 5 posts a day as i've been prone to do @ times in the past. and i'll stop clicking my little counter to see how many of you people had absolutely nothing better to do than read this. that was getting a little consuming. otherwise, i do wish you'd stop in from time to time to say hello. trust that i'll try to do the same.


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