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a christian: converted and confused

in an interview with cara davis for an upcoming issue of relevant (i said i wouldn't read it anymore, but they still send me emails, and this one actually sounded interesting), patton dodd, author of my faith so far: a story of conversion and confusion, described himself thusly:
this will come as no surprise to anyone who is at all in touch with trends among young religious people, but at the moment i'd say i'm a schizophrenic christian in search of orthodoxy. i'm an evangelical by virtue of my past and the basic structures of my belief, but i'm not entirely comfortable there. as the book makes clear, i'm not comfortable rejecting it either. i'm middled. (emphasis mine)
i read ktb when it first came out, and i stop by killingthebuddha.com (found an excerpt from dodd's memoir there) periodically. can't say as how i was all that impressed w/ the 1st book, but i look forward to reading the new one b/c dodd's complaints are becoming increasingly common in the church, or @ least the portion of the church w/ which i'm familiar. i've even got some of them myself -- please, god, i'd like to feel something for once! maybe i'll just have what the charismatics are having, thank you. but then again, all things being equal, why in the world did you make all this "following you" stuff so confusing? the thing is, orthodoxy does save us from the tyranny of experience and the confusion of comparative religion; it's just that i think when the train arrives @ orthodoxtruthland, and jesus says "everybody off," some people hide under the seats.


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