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why am i relieved?

i hate the turnover in pro sports these days. would roger staubach have retired a cowboy in today's nfl? could boston have kept williams, or would he have shuffled off to the bronx? i'm all for bringing back loyalty and player identification with a particular team, but i confess i'm ambivalent about pedro going to the mets. i'd like to see pedey retire @ fenway, but i'm actually a little relieved that the $40.5 mil deal w/ boston fell through. sounds like gammons is, too.


  • At 12:28 PM, Blogger Caleb said…

    I, for one, am glad to see him go. In a clubhouse full of team guys, Pedro always seemed to be "me first." That, coupled with the fact that his performance has declined in recent years, makes this a good decision for the Sox. In my humble opinion, the Sox did more than they should have done to try and keep an aging star with a bum throwing shoulder in Boston. Free up the $40.5 million, go after Renteria or some other player that is relatively young with a brighter future. Maybe you lock up the heart of that team, Jason Varitek. Secure Trot Nixon. Spend your money somewhere that it get a return in the later years of the contract. Pedro won't see the end of his in a uniform.


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