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now we must select with extreme caution our lovers,
water, foodstuffs and even our invisible

it is a very careful time.

our politicians consider ways to dismantle
the worldwide stockpile of bombs
all too late, of course, since it only takes one fool to
push one button

we draw close together, frightened, searching for a return
to a safe

but we must have been wrong for too long. the asylums
overflow and spill their
detritus into our streets
and where our leaders once spoke wisely
they now speak gibberish --
they stop, then continue, look about, addled,
substituting inane slogans for real

this is the price we now pay; we can't go
back, we can't go forward and we hang helpless, nailed to a
of our own
published posthumously and found in charles bukowski, the flash of lightning behind the mountain: new poems (new york: ecco, 2005): 72. i hope i'm not playing too fast and loose w/ copyright law, but i really like this guy and was moved by this poem, so i wanted you to read it.


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