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mission to miami: miserable miasma

last night's debacle in miami was, uh, a debacle of biblical proportions. the weather in new england kept us in boston an extra day, which delighted me so i'd get to watch the "mission to miami" (what the tv stations were calling the clash b/tw the mighty pats and the woeful 'fins). but the woeful ones tend to play us hard, the intangibles weighed against us (interim coach for the orange-jersied gridironers, the aforementioned orange jerseys, nothing to lose for the dolphins, a certain lame-duck offensive coordinator), and belichek's suspicion that the good guys might have been walking into one on monday night, made the stat of the day dead on: the pats have lost 4 games the last 2 seasons; they had 4 t/o in each. as dale and neumy said: "end of story." patriot nation was up in arms today, as anticipated, but they speak some chilling words if you listen to them. a shot @ home field throughout was a long one, and it's now certainly off the table; and now the pats are fighting for a bye, which would be salve to the wounds they've been licking for some time and the new wounds after monday night's game. did i mention it was a debacle? why, oh why, couldn't the game have been in foxboro: 7 degrees w/ -11 wind chill @ game time. either that scenario, or some better play and less t/os in south florida and we'd be singing a different tune this day. alas, it was not to be (and didn't you just know it about midway through the 2nd quarter?) i'll cop to being a pessimist when pessimism isn't necessary, but this time i got it right. now next week's trip to the jets is freakin' huge.


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