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i cannot believe we are having this discussion. did we learn nothing from falwell? first the media reports: "dobson outs spongebob" (he does provide context in his 25 jan. broadcast of focus on the family). then the ucc, an organization i love and used to work for, extends an unequivocal welcome to spongebob and cartoon cohorts. no wonder katha pollitt posits (in the course of dissing jim wallis) that b/c xtians "have been arguing for centuries without reaching agreement on even the simplest matters, the rest of us are entitled to wonder if perhaps they are reading the wrong book." am i missing something? both sides are sending out simplistic responses to complex arguments instead of listening to each other, which only foments controversy and dissension; however, it seems like a lot of time spent and ink spilt on a goofy subject.


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    Hey! This is Linda Olsen, here to say that Ellie is the CUTEST EVER!!!!!!!!!! I was just sifting through old emails that I still can't delete and found a link to your blog. I've thought about you guys, and I'm hoping you are doing really well and enjoying life with a loveable little girl (2 years old?). I'm sure she makes waking up, coming home, and eating dinner exhilirating...although who could lack thrills in life when there is so much to be learned from Falwell and Spongebob Squarepants? Who knew that Spongebob was trying to make any points at all! Did you know that Jerry Falwell actually did the voice of Mr. Crabs for the pilot episode? Dobson was apparently secretly jealous, but honestly, he just doesn't have the experience with character voice acting. I always post too much on these things! That's when I return to my own website and let the randomness spill over into one big pile. Sure, I'll give you the link, although my only non-college reader is my mom -- you're a new marketing group! All this nonsense sums up my life for the past couple of years: http://www.angelfire.com/pa5/bagelwoman

    Keep on enjoying the good times and assuming they will all be worth it! Talk to you later, maybe see you sometime. --Linda :oD


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