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that face

so it was day 4 of mrs. wood's flu, and upon my arrival @ the office i was ushered -- from a safe distance -- out of my office and cursorily sent home. just in case i was carrying any cooties, you see. so it was day 2 of my time @ home taking care of ellie while renee's body marshals reserves to fight against little viral invaders. and luckily i was home for this afternoon, b/c -- boom -- it hit me when i saw this picture of ellie w/ her first pigtails. this is what she's going to look like when she grows up. until today i had always seen my little girl w/ the monkey hair (alas, she appears to have inherited some mutant gene from both me and renee'), but this picture was her in 15 years. very odd to see, a little heartbreaking, but definitely made me proud to think of all she'll be when she grows up to look like this. biased or not, i think she'll be beautiful.Posted by Hello


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