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random songs

here's a pretty cool exercise (thanks to jim @ dappled things):
  1. open the music player on your computer or ipod
  2. set "all music" as your playlist
  3. select "shuffle" from the "play" pull-down menu
  4. list the song title and artist for the 1st ten songs that come up. jim says to 'fess up "no matter how embarrassing. that's right, no skipping that carpenters tune that will totally destroy your hip credibility. it's time for total musical honesty."
  5. if you get the same artist twice, you may skip repeat occurrences just for variety's sake
  6. post it in your 'blog and link back to @ least a couple of the other sites that suggested the exercise (makes me wish blogger had trackback)
mine are:
  1. "lost and found" - michael nyman (from the piano sountrack)
  2. "man @ the top" - bruce springsteen (from tracks)
  3. "my proud mountains" - john t. van zandt (poet: a tribute to townes van zandt)
  4. "mother india" - caedmon's call (share the well)
  5. "he thinks he'll keep her" - mary chapin carpenter (come on come on)
  6. "jewels" - alison krauss, suzanna cox (o sister 2: a women's bluegrass collection)
  7. "come back" - foo fighters (one by one)
  8. "last lullaby here" - george winston (forest)
  9. "the rush of wings" - metamora (winter's solstice, vol. 2)
  10. "half harvest" - michael penn (march)
and since i'm the only one playing our game as of 1.18.2005, i shall do it again, for i enjoy it immensely:
  1. "for all the saints" - christopher miner (the calm of paradise)
  2. "clearer" - garrison starr (eighteen over me)
  3. "plastic" - the blood violets (from a 7spinmusic sampler cd i got in the mail back when relevant magazine still loved me)
  4. "lobster fisherman" - john mock (new england portraits)
  5. "stutter" - andy stochansky (five star motel)
  6. "variations on the kanon by pachelbel" - george winston (december)
  7. "melody of you" - sixpence none the richer (divine discontent)
  8. "sussex carol" - nightnoise (a winter's solstice v)
  9. "new favorite" - alison krauss (new favorite)
  10. "sing mary sing" - jennifer knapp (the way i am)


  • At 12:25 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…


    Oh I wish I were a duck - by Mister Rogers
    Over the rainbow - Wizard of OZ Soundtrack
    The humpty dance - Digital Underground
    Danny Boy - William Shatner
    Hits from the bong - Cypress Hill
    I'm an asshole - Denis Leary
    Tip-Toe Thru The Tulips With Me - Tiny Tim
    Shiny Happy people - REM
    We are the world - Various Artists
    Rock the house - Bar Mitzvah Party CD Vol 1.


  • At 12:07 PM, Blogger sammy said…

    finally someone's giving me some input! thanks, steve-o.


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