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what's in a name?

ok, so i was thinking last night about a post recounting the recent negotiations in the wood house about the name of our son (e.t.a. 27 mar 2005), and i figured i'd call it "what's in a name?" this morning, coffee steaming nearby, barney on in background to entertain child no. 1, i sat down to pen this gem, when what do i find but a thinklings post by the same name? their comments are much more meaningful than what i had been thinking, anyway (don't use names that rhyme w/ bodily functions; old girl-/boyfriends' names definitely out; what about biblical and family names?), so i recommend them wholeheartedly.

i will give you a quick little update on our negotiations, however: yesterday i reluctantly w/drew seamus from consideration, along w/ absalom, blaise, knute and dacey. in return for my concessions, renee' did leave open some other proposals i've made, including names from american literature (courtesy of larry mcmurtry and harper lee) and christian theology.

updates as events warrant.


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