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went into the avaitor the other day expecting scorsese to blow me away, but i think he wanted an oscar too badly, his window is closing, something was off. gangs of new york, goodfellas, the last temptation of christ, the color of money, raging bull, taxi driver -- they were all way better movies than this one. but collateral surprised me, pretty much. i was a michael mann fan already; the insider is in my top 5 movies, seen it dozens of times. collateral wasn't as good as the insider, but i didn't have the highest of expectations, and mann's directing style is one of my favorites. in fact, there were several actors that appeared both in collateral and the insider, which i kinda like. anyway, it's not the greatest movie i've ever seen, and it does inspire incredulity @ points, but if you like mann's eye and style, it's a better movie than scorsese's.


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