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if it's friday . . .

it must be fart jokes.

please allow me to apologize in advance.

i try my best to keep the level of discourse @ a respectable level @ [rd], and in these very pages i have bemoaned the degeneration of sensibility in america, but this morning i was thinking back to my seminary days and i remembered an, uh, "extraordinary" video clip that was making the rounds back then. i banged out a google search, and, lo, there it was -- the robert tilton fart video. that link is to the original, but there appears to be a sequel called farting preacher ii. i like to think that even the rev. tilton would think these are a little bit funny. i don't particularly like to consider what it says about me that i would link to these.

again, i apologize; and now back our regularly scheduled programming.


  • At 5:39 PM, Anonymous Liz Casler said…

    You are right to worry.

  • At 9:24 AM, Blogger sammy said…

    liz!! long time, no hear -- and then the first thing i get is "you are right to worry"? sheesh. i missed you, too!


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