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this deserves another pic

bruuuuuuschi! now, shall we name our son trot or tedy? i love all the players on this team, but bruschi's got to be my favorite. without him on the field, no way we win 3 sbs in 4 years. and he took less money to play for this team! what a player. so, good night new england. your pats are celebrating being superbowl champs again.Posted by Hello


  • At 6:25 PM, Blogger Emily said…

    When I was living in Arizona, we loved cheering for him as part of Desert Swarm, too. A great guy. Bruuuuschi indeed. And I love that he wears his Arizona cap or sweatshirt regularly during interviews.

  • At 12:04 AM, Blogger sammy said…

    i do so love to watch that man play football. i'd forgotten he was a member of the swarm, so thanks for the reminder, emily. and even greater thanks for stopping by my site to check up on my spouting of primarily drivel w/ the incidental theological musing mixed in. enjoyed your weblog, too, although i haven't read it all yet. it'd be nice to know, from time to time, what a real priest thinks of the theological and cultural ramblings of a guy preparing to receive holy orders. blessings on you and your ministry, and visit again soon if for some reason you get so mind-numbingly bored that you can't come up w/ anything better to do than to read my little posts. seriously, i really do appreciate your visit.
    ~ sam


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