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sleep & the superbowl

the dreams started last night. nightmares, really. for some reason, my noctournal musings became patriot-related during superbowl week last year, and the trend appears to be continuing this annum. last night's episode was a little mental realtime enactment of the moose's nine reasons the eagles will win the superbowl. i awoke all kerfuffle and began to intercede for belichick & the boys before my feet hit the slippers. i suppose i read johnston's article a little too close to bedtime last p.m., and, in theory, i concur w/ pretty much everything he had to say; however, the pats -- on paper -- should've lost to every team since the buffalo hung 31 on them in week 1 of 2003 (except the orange-jerseyed fins, to whom they lost on mnf). this is the same team that hit on an 82-yard td in ot against miami and intentionally took a safety en route to a win over denver last year, so i remain strangely confident they'll figure out a way to win on sunday. still, that practically assures that tonight's hallucination will be a docudrama where the bsg's prediction comes true, all of america turns against the pats b/c they win too much, and i am chased around the oxford square in my skivvies by steelers and jets fans in pickup trucks.Posted by Hello


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