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t. howard quotes

cool. just found these. i don't have time to write anything today, so go read some if you've got time. here's one really good one:
There is, like it or no, a Dance going on, and one may join or not . . . The implication . . . of the Adam and Eve story is that if they had bowed to the interdict placed on the forbidden fruit, life and not death would have been the guerdon. That is, paradoxically, if they had knuckled under to what looked emphatically like a denial of their freedom, . . . they would have discovered something unimaginable to them - something that, according to the story, was at that very point lost to them and us for the duration of human time.
from chance or the dance: a critique of modern secularism (san francisco: ignatius press, 1969), 106-107.


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