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dc4free#1: civil war days

we loaded the whole fam into the mini-v today and set out on our first official dc4free adventure, making it all the way . . . around the corner to a park in alexandria.

today is "civil war camp day," part of the living history program @ fort ward in alexandria. improving over last week, we did make it the whole time w/o spending a penny, but it wasn't the most exciting event, especially as far as the kids were concerned. the most exciting (read, traumatic) aspect of the event was the firing demonstration, which had both kids crying w/in seconds.

good parents that we are, we immediately repaired to the apartment for popsicles. all is now well here, sitting comfortably in the a.c. awaiting the u.s. world cup match. that may not be very exciting for the kids, either, but pop is amped.


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