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dc4free#21: playin' in the snow

it took 'til january, but the first snow of the season finally came (all 1 inch of it), and i got to break out my snow shirt. i've got an old j-crew flannel shirt that is (a) out of style, and (b) about to fall apart, so i only wear it on the first snow day of every year. i got the idea from my friend, george, who is church-planting in london, ontario now. this year was a bit different b/c the snow came so late, and we live smack in the middle of the city, so there's not a lot of room for the kids to run and sled.
some friends stopped by, though, and we made some snowballs and even ate some snow ice cream (nobody else had ever heard of "snow cream," so maybe it's just a southern thing, i don't know). it's been cold almost every day since, but no more snow.

washington dc winter = sham.


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