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veronese's feast

this post is a note to self, so feel free to disregard:

fr. davenport hinged his sermon yesterday (eventually it'll be posted here) on paulo veronese's feast in the house of levi, the artist's interpretation of the last supper but w/ its title changed under pressure from the church. a line from the sermon, one i wish i'd written, follows:
veronese’s interrogators didn’t get it. frequently, we don’t either. the faith doesn’t need to be protected. the faith needs to be lived. not only should buffoons be in veronese’s last supper, but jesus could be kneeling at their feet. (emphasis mine)
orthodoxy and orthopraxy go together. they have to. what i do today may be far more consequential than what i believe (although what i believe will certainly flower into what i do). i'm just saying.


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