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watercolors and work

i'm sitting in my office shooting out mundane emails and answering the phone. i click on the link for the lenten watercolors i sent to our 20/30s group earlier this week, and i think "why can't that be my job?" then i come across this post @ the agora about god's glory in the monotony of work .

thanks be to god.

if your life is all keystrokes and depositions and deliveries and tomes of reading, maybe you should be reminded (as should i) how much god glories in all that stuff. "the preacher" (aka tim keller) says a mother combing her daughter's hair is bringing order out of chaos, and that's the work of god.



  • At 12:02 AM, Blogger The Hedonese said…

    Nice post! 3 cheers for incarnating the Word in the daily stuffs on life


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