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Paul Soupiset's Lentblog 2007

Been so busy the past few days that I've had no time to think of posting anything, just to work, be a family man, pray when I can. I remember two Lents ago I was just as busy, but every day I looked forward to opening my laptop and clicking over to the next entry in the "Lentblog" of Paul Soupiset. In fact, Paul's the reason I carry an extra Moleskine and a small set of Faber-Castell water-colours in my bookbag, although I never get to use them (I do have some things I painted when I was on my pre-ordination retreat -- likely the last time I'll ever have blocks of hours when I have nothing to do but pray, think and paint -- that I'll never, ever show you).

Right-brained, left-brained, whatever you are, whatever moves you -- If you're busy this Lent, too busy to pray much or to make it to mass even, you should click through those old sketches. Time well spent.


  • At 6:33 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I forgot about this! Thanks for the reminder.

    That you carry around a moleskine and watercolors made me smile -- even if you never show me. Lenten discipline: take time to pray, think, and paint. Kind of ironic that the professional God people do less of that than we laity do to a high degree.


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