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in a darkened house

nighttime is the coolest time. finally i can sit and play w/ my as yet fairly inchoate blogging skill-set while i listen to my new/used copy of blue pony i just got on ebay. i'd gotten sniped twice before i won this copy, and it's great late night music.

it was a wonderful day around here. ellie grace played w/ grandma and grandpa, smiles all around (unless you're the cat, then there are hisses all around -- gotta protect little sister @ all costs). of course, the bulldogs blew their game against vandy in the sec tournament tonight, which sucks. we've played, what, 28 games this year? i've watched 3 -- count 'em, 3 -- on tv. we're now 25-3. wanna guess which ones i watched? i'm a freakin' jinx, that's what i am. but time goes on. i'll take to the couch in a few moments, get a dip (still struggling w/ that addiction -- i intend to submit a rather lengthy diatribe on addictions in general and my addictions in particular in the future), pick up augustine's city of god or maybe henri nouwen's the return of the prodigal son, and read until sleep overtakes me. (repeat that three times w/ a seed of faith: sleep, overtake me; sleep, overtake me; sleep, overtake me.) now i'll say the rosary, toss some salt over my shoulder and chug some nyquil.

the good thing is i'm not nearly as sick as i was even yesterday. just a lingering cough and a wonderfully deep, raspy, teddy pendergast kinda voice. i've been gleefully singing sixteen tons to myself all day. so, i'm off to night night times. and i leave you w/ an abstract thought i heard on a certain delightfully offbeat website this week: "is a penguin a bird or a duck?"


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